Thursday, November 09, 2006

To My Darling Kaze

What would my life be without the spark of you? You are my little firecracker, my shinning little star, and my little pile of purr.

Princess, I have to say I never planned on you. I wanted a beautiful exotic Bengal to be our third cat, a number I never thought I would get the Tall Man to agree to. Suddenly your breeder sent me a PM giving me some sage advice. Being an Oriental breeder with lots of experience with Siamese I trusted every word she said. I thought for a moment and then quickly asked her about her kittens.

I had always though you frootbats were very odd looking, not something I ever understood. As I watched your relatives find their forever homes with other SICC board members I began to secretly like them. Gremlins eh…they’re pretty cute and have TONS of personality! Those big ears, the pointy faces, the skinny little bodies…. suddenly I had to have one!

Your breeder told me to check out her web page as she had 2 kittens who were supposed to go together but due to some tragic circumstances; they were unable to go to their planned home. I checked the page, looked at your mother in her silly photos and saw you next to the flowers. “What a gorgeous little frootbat!” I exclaimed. I had to know more about you and I knew I had to have you.

I waited a few days not to seem over zealous but I was screaming inside “Frootbat!!! Frootbat!!! Gremlin Frootbat!!!!!” I waited all weekend for some more pictures of you and painstakingly opened them on my Blackberry while standing in Circuit City. “She’s mine” I thought to myself and told the Tall Man I needed you.

On your 6-month birthday we drove down to Washington, D.C. We met your family and your lovely brother. We wanted to take you both home but we knew we couldn’t have 4 kitties. You screamed the whole way home. The entire traffic filled 6 hours. I think even I was a little tired of the meowing.

You HATED me when you first were allowed out into your isolation room. You wanted nothing to do with me, and certainly not to be touched. I cried so hard that you didn’t love me. I didn’t understand why you had such disdain for me. Finally one day the Tall Man put you in my lap and you purred. From then on we were bonded. I am your person and I know how jealous you get if I pay attention to another cat or even the Tall Man.

You went to your vet check and we found out you had Giardia. No surprise, you were leaking poo from your behind all over the carpet and it STUNK. Later we found out you have feline herpes and I have done all I can to keep the virus from bothering you. Yet every time you cough my heart breaks for you as I know it is painful for you.

I know what every one of your little meow’s means. I know that often you are just telling me you love me when you meow at me and then purr across the room. You sleep in my arms every night like a teddy bear. You are always in the mood to purr and certainly always up for a quick hug. I start every morning with a hug from you and end every night with you in my arms.

I never knew I could be so adored by an animal. Your unconditional intense love has taught me that there is such a thing as pure love that defies all boundaries. You wilt when I’m away and punish me for hours when I get home. You are Latte’s best play friend and his favorite pillow. I have never seen you unhappy even when you’ve felt sick. Even at the vet you purr so loud that everyone laughs. You’re my gorgeous elegant loving clown. You’re my girl Kaze and I’m amazed every time I look into your eyes and see only never ending love and adoration. I’m completely devoted to you!


Blogger Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Sumtimes, I think the gooey stinky poo is just a test to see if the peeple love us or not, eh, Kaze? Yoo are lukky to have peepul hoo love yoo so much... and a cuppul of grate bruthers, too!

2:30 PM  
Blogger tiggerprr said...

What a beautiful cat!

7:49 PM  
Blogger Kaze said...

I want to give my extra vote to Pippin because he's been through quite a lot and his person sounds so sweet and devoted (like my Lap Lady is) :)

7:35 AM  

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