Sunday, November 12, 2006

My precious Pippin

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It was a little orange-and-white baby, far too small for its age. Neglected and alone, he was just property to the man holding the box he was in. The only reason he was even at the veterinarian’s was because of guilt-because it was the man’s fault the kitten was hurt. I felt the loneliness emanating from the box he was in. But the moment Pippin and I locked eyes, I knew he was my soul mate.
It was later that day, and we had given the man an estimate to see what was wrong with Pippin. He said that was fine, but he had to go get some more money. In the meantime, we took some x-rays and gave Pippin a pain injection. Pippin had a fractured pelvis and a dislocated hip. He couldn’t walk at all.
The man still wasn’t back some hours later. Or the next day. I waited patiently, knowing it was destined that Pippin come home with me. Telling everyone that worked there that he was NOT to go to the shelter or to anyone else, because he was coming home with me. Period. In the meantime, I continually put him on the ground and held him up while he tried so hard to walk, to move his back end.
A few days later, he was taking a few wobbly steps! I was so proud. At the end of the tenth day, he was walking almost normally, and after a test confirmed that he was leukemia-free, I left the clinic that day…with Pippin in my arms.
Over the last two years, Pippin has been my friend, my ‘handsome boy.’ He’s seen me through the loss of Pudding, Pippin’s great friend and the cat that loved and lived with me when Pippin came home. He has comforted me when my family has been sick and in the hospital, and when I decided that I’d had the last straw at my veterinary clinic job.
Pippin is both a Mommy’s boy and a Grandma’s boy. He loves to eat (anything!) and hates to exercise almost as much (though he does love fake mice). A huge contrast from his tiny body when I first met him, Pippin is a grand 15-or-so pounds now! He is the king of the house (though he does share the reins with his brother, Turtle) and he wouldn’t have it any other way.
I know Pippin loves me unconditionally, whether it’s because I took him away from the horrible life he had before, or just because I’m me. Whatever his reason is, I love him tenfold because he’s Pippin.


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I shode this storey to my Food Lady and it made water leek owt of her eyes. Pippin is vary lukkey to have yoo!

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