Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Magical Merlin

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Two weeks ago, I sat in my office, looking at my boss. He was telling me that I would no longer have a job there. One of the first thoughts I had (and this is the truth) was that I would get to stay home with Merlin. And when I got home, he lay on the floor at my feet with his paw resting on my foot. We have had lots of fun during my time at home. We have spent lots of time together and I really would rather stay home with him than find a new job. I only wish that was an option!

The Gotcha Story:
My twelve-year-old kitty Reba crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2005, and I was heartbroken. Then one day I was at the gym and the girl working behind the desk was holding a very cute, super tiny kitten. She said she was one of four kittens found in the street. She was keeping that kitten and had taken the others to her vet. All but one had already been adopted. He had been the oldest of the four kitties (he was 8 weeks old, the others were 5 or 6 weeks). They had not been littermates, nobody knows how they ended up together, but apparently this oldest one had been taking care of the others and he was very protective. That very day we went to the vet and they had the one kitten in his own cage, next to a cage with two small cute fluffy kittens. The two were very playful and cute and sweet, but the loner was just lying in the middle of his cage, being very still. So here was this little guy, 8 weeks old, sitting in the cage, just checking me out. He didn't move at all when I approached him. I opened the cage and took him out, and he immediately started purring and nuzzling against me. He was not scared at all! I knew he had to come with me. He had paws, ears, and a tail that gave away the fact that he would grow to be a big hefty kitty, though he only weighed 1.5 pounds that day. After coming to live with us, he gained an average of a pound a week for a while. He now weighs 15 pounds. His daddy gave him the name Merlin because of the "M" on his forehead and because he is magical! Purple is his favorite color, because purple is the color magicians and wizards....

Things I love about Merlin:
Merlin waits for me every morning outside the bedroom door. Merlin never minds when I pick him up to hold him, and no matter what he was doing, he’ll stay and usually have a little nap on my chest. He purrs really loud and it rattles my chest. He rubs against my ankles whenever I’m brushing my teeth or doing something in the kitchen. He plays so happily with his Fishie and his other toys. He talks to the birdies outside his window, making that little cackling noise. He comes when I call him. He loves his woofie brother and sister. He doesn’t talk a lot, only when he has something important to say. I especially love the way he follows me around from room to room, and when I talk to him, he looks at me, and will even give a little "mew" in response, just to let me know he's listening...

He’s just a good cat and a good friend, and I am a lucky bean indeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! If my unnerstandin' is correckt, and that I cannot vote for my own self with my extry vote, then I would like to vote for Kismet for 2 reasons:
1) My mommy thought the rap was kewl and
2) Kismet is my Big Man Cat Hero.

Merlin the Cat

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merlin is da cat!
I am very fortunate that he favors my little Daphne, and I'm so glad he's there for his Mommy during this time of her unfortunate unemployment!
Merlin Rocks!
~Not The Mama

1:36 PM  
Blogger Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Merlin, Kismet is EVRYWUN'S Big Man Cat hero!!! Thanks for sharing yer story... I reely liked it! Good luk to yer mommy!

12:22 AM  

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