Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rosie – Frum A Lost Stray At Comp USA to an Easily Eggsited, Lovuble Furry Monstur

A Tale Of Devoshun From My Lady

Five years ago, sumone left me at a Comp USA entrance. A stuudant at my ladys college tuk me is. She was nice but didn’t reely know how to take care of me. That evening, my lady came by to visit the stuudent, she met me and asked whare my littur box was. The student didn’t know I needed one!! Thats my lady said she wuld take me in...I was relieved (both liturally and figuratively).

My lady renamed me Rosie...after hur grandma, my grate-grandma. The stuudent origunallie named me "Phil" because I was so many culurs she said I luked "Phil"-thy. Sad but true. I like Rosie SOOOO much bettur.

Now the tuff part. Yoo see my lady already had a kittie (Cheeto) and didn’t know we wuld get along. Cheeto was a BIG one-year-old and I was a super tiny two month old. When Cheeto and I met he got wide eyed, vary skinny and was posturing. Of corse I wasn’t vary gud at that so I just tried to luk cute but I was super scared!!! Soon enuff, cheeto took me under his wing and we became brother and sistur. He’s the boss of the apartment, but thares no doubt that I am the beeeutiful princess of the place!

My lady luvs me so much. Because I didn’t spend much time with my mom I am vary emoshunally high matenance and my lady is happily up fur the challenge. I talk a lot and she responds….usually it’s something along the lines of “What did you say, Timmy’s in a well and needs to be rescued?”…whatever that means?!?! I also like my booty petted and make a BIG deal out of everything which makes my lady laff a lot.

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Blogger Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Win my big-mowthed big bruther Mao won't shuttup, the Food Lady and Mr Tasty Face offin say, "Whuts the matter, Mao, is Timmy in a well?" And they laff and Mao gits mad at them. I don't know who Timmy is and why he livs in a well, and whut makes that funney.... peeple are hard to unnderstand sumtimes.

5:19 PM  
Blogger Rosie & Cheeto said...

Smudge has my vote. "I Love The Story" "Reely I Do"!!!-Rosie

4:21 PM  

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