Thursday, November 09, 2006

~! Libby Marie Riley's Tail of Devotion !~

Without Libby Marie Riley, the ten year old calico who rules my life, I wouldn’t be able to survive. How you might ask? Read on to find out. Libby was found on a slow street by the local “Lake Alma.” My father picked her up for my sister Jamie, because her kitten Garcia had just passed away. We had no idea of the lasting impression Libby would leave on all of our lives forever. For about five years Libby wasn’t just Jamie’s cat, she was all of our cat. We moved to a bigger house, and Libby was in paradise. At night she played the piano while we tried to sleep, and was known to devour a treat in a fast second. She even got lost in the house once and was found a week later on the porch by me. We think she may have gotten into the vents, but she’s not talking. Then, we moved to a new house, a little smaller but more comfortable. It took a while, but soon Libby got adjusted to the move. A few years later, Jamie moved out. Ashley soon adopted Libby, and we all three slept together in the bed every night. When ever we had visitors they would see Ashley holding Libby wrapped in a blanket. They would ask, “Who’s baby is that?” and Libby’s Meme would quickly respond, “It’s the cat.” They would laugh, but they we all knew that that meant she was our baby. One day Libby went to her room she shared with Ashley as usual and all her stuff was gone. Ashley had moved it all into the spare bedroom, deciding she didn’t want Libby anymore. Within an hour, every thing was moved into my room, and a permanent home was made for my baby. That is the story of how I got my precious, but it doesn’t end there. Every morning, Libby is my wake up call. She walks on my stomach and face until I wake up, and if that doesn’t work she has been known to slap me in the face or scratch my covers off. She brings joy to my life and reminds me daily to take time for little things, like getting a treat or chasing a feather wand. Recently, Libby had a little run in with the flu. I thought she was going to die and immediately became depressed. I cryed myself to sleep many nights until I realized, my precious angel wasn’t going anywhere. Libby is my baby, my girl, my angel, my reason for living. I don’t know who I’d be or what I’d do with out her. I could write all day about my love for her, but I have to go now. Libby is rolling in her basket on the computer desk begging to be petted.
My Angel

By: Abby Riley

Sometimes i question God,

Why me God? Why This?

Will you send an angel to watch over me?

Am i even on the waiting list?

He answers me every day:

Abby your angel has come

Watch for her shining as bright as the morning sun

She is your guide and your way

I look around and wonder where?

An angel God has sent to me?

But then a quick dash and i can see!

My Angel's name is Libby


Blogger Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Whut a wunderful storey! Sownds like yoo and Libby Marie were destind to be together!

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