Thursday, November 16, 2006

My little bundle of happiness and love

I am Eclair's mom, Deb. To start, this past year has been a very difficult one for me. Without going into detail it involves the demise of my marriage to someone I considered my soulmate and bestfriend. We were quite blissful together and we both swore we would be together forever...but sometimes forever doesn't last. So in my grieving many of my friends helped me in various ways. A woman I work with suggested getting a pet, a dog or cat, so I wouldn't feel so alone.
Since I live in an apartment with no fenced yard I dismissed the dog idea because I know how much time having a dog can take, especially daily walks, etc. I also didn't think I'd want a cat because, having had cats before, I wasn't sure I wanted to deal with kitty litter and hairballs again (a former cat threw up a hairball into one of my shoes and guess how I found it? LOL).

Then one day I was web surfing and reading news. I came across an article about a cat here in CT that had a legal injunction placed on it because its neighbors accused him of attacking them. In this article there were comments of support by various people and one of the links was to Skeezix's weblog. Being adventurous I clicked and was so entertained by Skeezix's writing! I then followed another link to and casually began looking at cats up for adoption here in CT. When I came upon Eclair's picture and her description I felt something tug at my heart. I thought about it a couple days and then sent the shelter (Amanda Connection in Newtown, CT) an email inquiring about adopting Eclair. After some missed connections the lady who runs the shelter brought Eclair to meet me and I simple fell instantly in love with this sweet little black kitty. She purred in my arms and rubbed against me. She wasn't timid or skittish at all, she curiously explored my home. I knew I wanted her never to leave so I signed all the papers and she was mine.

I have never regretted for one second the decision to adopt Eclair. She has brought me happiness during a time of great pain. She gives me unconditional love and its helped me so much just knowing that when I come home from work she is waiting for me. She is very devoted to me as I am to her, she wants to be near me all the time. She sleeps in my lap when I am at the computer or watching TV. She happily eats anything I give her (she was a little skinny when I got her but she is sleek and filled out now). She follows me around the house, and its as if she has radar when I go into the bathroom, she appears out of nowhere, jumps up on the edge of the bathtub and meows for pets. She headbutts my hand for more.
She is playful and funny and very vocal. I don't mind it at all even when we roughhouse a bit and she grabs my arm and gently bites me, its never with visciousness, she has never done anything "mean", not ever hissed or spit. She likes to pat my face with her paw too.

I love the fact that when I go to bed at night she climbs up and puts her face close to mine, gives me a sweet little kiss while purring quite loudly and then flops down, sometimes right on my head/face, and puts her little soft paws in my hand. She curls up and drifts off to sleep next to me and never leaves all night long. In the morning she can be quite insistant about getting up and getting her breakfast but its a routine that brings me much happiness. I know she loves me, I don't feel she simply tolerates me because I feed her. Its nice to be able to bring her home new toys and treats. She is very very special to me.

I couldn't imagine my life without her happy presence now and I know she will never leave me. Its a promise we will both keep.
And all because of Eclair I now have a lot of other wonderful kitty friends and the humans that love them too. I owe it all to Skeezix, the nicest cat in the world...second only to my sweet Eclair!!

Deb, Eclair's devoted mom


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its so very hard to pick just one tale to vote for, everyone's story is special and touching. I had to go back and skim thru them all and when I did it was OC's story that suddenly touched me a lot. To care for a cat who's ill but isn't yours, to spend a lot of money and emotional investment in a kitty who might not survive is so kind and compassionate. I am glad OC is well and thriving now, he is a lucky kitty to have found such a wonderful caring home.
We vote for OC!

9:31 AM  
Blogger Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I can't beeleeve I fergot to comment on yer Tale of Devoshun, Eclair! I'm so happy yoo and yer ladey fownd eech other! ... And I hope yoo git a sister soon!

12:16 AM  

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