Friday, November 17, 2006

Why Zippy is "Princess Ziporah"

You can see part of my "missing toes" paws in this pic

No one knows how she really ended up where she was found. Some say the people moved out and left her there and some say she was born nearby and was left behind by her kitty mom while the people were on vacation. Doesn't matter, what matters is that she's mine now. I got a call from my friend, Alli, that there was a kitten under the neighbors porch and some boys were apparently poking at her with some sticks, if she got it would I take it. Yes, of course I'd take it. Alli went over and found out that the boys were actually trying to get the kitten out from under the porch. They had seen that she was hurt and took Alli to show her bloody paw prints from the sidewalk, across the porch and in the grass leading to where the poor thing was hiding. With a carrier and a can of tuna they got her to come out and immediately Alli brought her to me. It was apparent from the first that she had either been attacked and dragged by a car or some animal (I'm including the two legged animal in this) and had severe damage to her front paws. It was July 4th and there were no vet's available exept the emergency kind. I looked at my hubby and he said "let's go". When we got to the ER they triaged her, while I held her shivering body to me and tried to comfort her. She was missing toes and parts of toes on her front paws and they were infected. They suggested we put her out of her misery. She was feral and probably diseased (which would be why mom abandoned her). Hubby and I exchanged one look and he said "no, test her and if she's not diseased do what you can. That first visit was over $900.00 they cleaned the wounds and injected some antibiotics. She tested negative for everything exept worms and fleas, which were rapidly dispatched. She would need surgery on her paws to repair the damage. During all of this I had to hold her, she would screem if I set her down or anyone else tried to take her. On the drive home we discussed the fact that we had 1)not enough money to do all of this and 2)the other options were unthinkable. We'd come to far now to turn back, I sold my second car (the winter beater as it was called) to pay for her care. The next day we took her to see our regular vet who said that yes, they could save her paws but it would require a couple of surgeries and a lot of home care. We also found out that she was about 8 weeks old and not 4 weeks like we originally thought. After every surgery we had to carry her everywhere for the first few days, clean and redress her wounds and give her pills. As you can imagine this forms a bond, a strong emotional, physical and, yes, psychic bond. Within a month our baby was running around like a maniac. Our vet couldn't believe how well her paws healed and despite not having claws and missing a couple of pads she walked and ran normally. We had not named her until we were sure she would survive all the surgeries and then we needed to see her personality come out. Yup, runs like the wind, flies through the air, she's a Zippy one. She's a princess because that's her personality too, she's used to getting her own way. She dislikes to much atention. Probably because of all the attention she got when she was hurt. One day her daddy was calling to her and he started saying "Zip, zip hoorah" and it turned into Princess Ziporah.


Blogger Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I'm bawling!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:05 AM  
Blogger kattonic said...

we'd like ta vote fur our sisfur, even if she is a crank and hisses at us. Now dat we know why we feel bad fur chasing her (o.k., not reely).
Speedy and Sadie

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