Friday, November 17, 2006

Tale of Devotion for Andre & N'bikay

Dear Andre & N'bikay,

Mommy loves you both. I am so happy everyday that you guys are in mylife --even when you're being bad. When the two of you came to live with me and daddy I was so excited. We knew for a couple weeks that you were coming and everytime I walked past the bed that we bought for you--I imagined what it would be like when you guys were finally here and snuggling and sleeping in it. Well, I never really could have imagined because your presence in my life has meant so much to me and brought me so much joy. I love that the two of you still sleep in that bed together even though you barely fit--it is so cute. I am amazed everyday at all the cute stuff you guys do.

N'bikay--you were adorable that first night-- you were so scared that you peed on the bed and also fell asleep sitting up. I felt so bad and I tried to communicate to you that you were safe and that you could relax. Eventually of course you did relax and I am so glad that you trust me and daddy and you never run away from us--you even let me hold you when I know you don't want to be held (sorry). You have grown into quite the feline specimen and I am proud of you and admire all of your skills. You maybe a killer but you'll always be a kitten to me and even though you are a bad boy sometimes-- like when you chewed through the wire of my computer monitor -- I would never trade you for the world.

Andre--I knew from the start that you were my destiny--when I picked you up at your cat mommy's house and you crawled into my sweater it was a done deal--you crawled into my heart as well. You have grown into such a handsome and lovable boy. I love when you come up for snuggles at 5am even though I don't always act like it. You are such a sweet boy and I love that you let me hold you like a baby. You're also really funny like when you laid in the bathtub with the cleanser in it--a little scary for me but still funny because of the innocent look on your face.

The two of you are my children and I have hopes and fears just like any other parent. Sometimes when you guys look so peaceful when you're sleeping I put my hand on your bellies to make sure you're still breathing. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with how lucky I am to share my life with two wonderful creatures (ok three if you count daddy). You guys are my world and I can't imagine life without you.


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Blogger BoogersCat said...

Hey Buddies!! Gosh, what a great tale of devotion!!! What cute pics of you two when you were ITTY BITTY!!

12:00 AM  
Blogger Frend of Skeezix said...

Andre & N'bikay both want to give their extra votes to Boogers!

12:09 PM  
Blogger Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I can't beeleeve I fergot to leeve a comment -- this was such a sweet storey!!!

12:08 AM  

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