Monday, November 13, 2006

mi mom'z tale uv devoshun fer me ... jh "frum jeter harris"

Jeet... When your dad brought you home I said "No more cats!" That lasted about a second. You were so tiny... and so very cute. You spent that first week in the bathroom, hiding from the BIG cats in the house. Slowly you came out to investigate. Your first four-legged friend was Dilly, the guinea pig, who was just about your size. As you grew bigger you found out that Mickey was fun to play with ... but you should stay away from Kallie and Whitey (where is Whitey?)
Your best two-legged friend is me. Everyone loves you, but you know the hand that feeds you ... and the one who listens to you ... and the one who thinks you're hilarious ... and the ONLY one who follows your escapades on Catster!
I can't believe I ever considered not having you in our family. I am totally devoted to you Jeter Harris.

to mi mom--yup...yer mi bes frend. u taught me to be funnee ... u introdooced me to da best frendz i hav on da catster an da blogger ... u giv me da "pounce" an da udder treets ... i alwayz know ware to go if i need sum extra lovin. i am veree devoted to u ... an i alwayz will be.

life iz good!

ps--wutz "escapades"?


Blogger Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Ah, Jeet -- yer da best!!!!!!!

12:19 AM  

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